• 3 and 5 Row Models
• 4” x 7” x 3/8” Tool Bar  for Strength and Durability
• Heavy-duty Welded Cat II / III 3 Point Hitch
• Easy adjusting Disc Gang Tilt and Swivel Brackets
• Disc Gangs – 1-1/8” square on 6-1/2” spacing
• Optional Gauge Wheels and Scratcher Frames
Heavy-duty Cat II / III Welded 3 Point Hitch.  
The extended A-Frame allows the gangs to be
mounted in the front or the rear of the tool bar.  
Folding wing models are operated by two 3-1/2”
x 16” 3000 p.s.i. Hydraulic cylinders and are
double hinged for added strength and durability.
Optional scratcher frames are mounted on heavy-duty spring loaded pipe assemblies with height adjustment. Tilt and swivel
disc gang brackets easily adjust to an infinite degree of vertical and horizontal angles for cultivating and bedding in varying
soil conditions.  1-1/8” square disc gangs with regreaseable pillow block bearings and USA made discs for reliability and
wear resistance.      
Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Co. reserves the right to change the
design, material and specifications of its products without notice.  
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories, and may
not include all standard equipment.