Oliver & Dahlman Equipment Co. reserves the right to change the
design, material and specifications of its products without notice.  
Illustrations may include optional equipment and accessories, and
may not include all standard equipment.
• 3 and 4 Row Models
• Heavy-duty 3/4” Thick Welded Cat III 3 Point Hitch
• With Parallel Linkages
• Adjustable Disc Gang Tilt and Swivel Brackets
• Disc Gangs – 24” x 1/4” Discs with 1-5/8” round Axles on 9” Spacing   
• Heavy-duty Roller Bearing Assemblies
• Disc Scrapers
• 1 5/8” Alloy Steel Axles
• Roller Bearing Assemblies
• 24” X 1/4” Notched Discs
• Heavy-duty Disc Scrapers
• Heavy-duty Mounting Brackets with Tilt and Angle Adjustment


• 22” x 1/4” Notched Discs
• 24” X 5/16” Notched Discs
• Oil Bath Bearing Assemblies
• T-1 Bearing Wear Plates
Front and rear tool bars are connected together
with two parallel linkage brackets to allow the
rear bar to float independently keeping it in
contact with the ground at all times.

Disc gangs with long running heavy- duty roller
bearings provide long trouble free service.

Heavy-duty tilt and swivel brackets allow a wide
range of cut and throw for bedding and